Adventure Park Smurfs - Magic World will bring the magical world of Smurfs to Bratislava in an almost larger-than-life size. The Smurfs invite both children and adults directly to their mushroom houses, which are so big that a child can fit there, as well as an adult. Smurfs' Enchanted Forest offers a great number of discoveries and interactive adventures. Children will be able to recognize which of the Smurfs they resemble the most, learn to speak Smurf language or cook a magical jam. Above all, however, everyone will learn together and in a playful way about how to protect not only the Smurfs, but also our "human forest". Together with the little Smurfs, they all survive an exciting adventure to save nature, where together they escape from the angry cat Azrael and win over the insidious wizard Gargamel and his terrible machine. The cute blue characters have been charming their child and adult fans for 65 years and will stay in Bratislava for several months.