Powerful speeches in Stara Tržnica
The new season of Strong Speeches is here! The laughter continues, the giggles resonate, the splashes end on the head of the person in front of you. That deserves a proper celebration of laughter during the big show in Bratislava's Stara Tržnica. You will see a fighting unit of professional comedians, who will kick you with their stand-up better than a double espresso with triple paradise gas.


We will see each other and look forward to our joint rehot (chili peppers) in Stará Tržnica in Bratislava already on 17.9. You won't get a bigger load of humor - and if you're particularly demanding, treat yourself to a VIP ticket with a great view, your own refreshments and a little karmic bonus.


Speakers: Matej Adámy, Milan "Docent" Sedliak, Martin Hatala, Tomáš Hudák, Marián Psár, Dano Čistý, Matej Makovický, Šimon Ferstl, Ivan Kostra, Joe Trendy, Yuri and Jano Gordulič


ATTENTION: Entry to the show is only from 15 years old.

But don't worry, we'll be back when you grow up. We are looking forward to you!