Guest list September 9, 2023


Alžbeta Ferencová


She is beautiful. She is versatile. And she is also very nice. Although she comes from Prešov, before she was "discovered" by the Slovak audience through the successful series, she had to taste the tough artistic bread elsewhere. Not only in Prague, but also in Paris and New York. And she has also participated in Miss Universe SR. We thought it was enough to finally invite her to Trochu anak. We look forward to seeing you ZEA!��

Peter Kolenčík

This interview is going to be really HOT. Its protagonist will be a nice guy who is among the top Europeans in sauna. What's up with that, you ask? You may be surprised, but being a sauna master, a judge and even an organizer of sauna competitions requires real fortitude. A quality sauna ritual is not far from good theater. Take it with us. And without ��️swimwear!

Lucia Grigová

We guarantee that after this conversation you will head to the pantry and thoroughly "cook" it. Lucia is a writer and food blogger who systematically deals with SMART recipes. That is, those in which you use what you have at home. And even when you go to the store, you buy only what you really need. Quite simply, you operate in the style "to the last crumb". We invited Lucia not only because we are food enthusiasts, but also because we consider her lifestyle to be truly ��sustainable.

Musical guest: Alžbeta Ferencová


Filip Hrivnák

He takes photos for brands Versace, Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani. His interesting face made it to the cover of the French edition of VOGUE, which is an absolute "TOPKA" in the world of modeling. In the case of a former hockey player from Košice, that's definitely not enough, what do you say? For Filip, who relatively recently became a father, we have prepared a number of questions, which begin: What is the truth about this?... Come ask them with us! Lenka Siklienková

Burnout. Yes, some time ago we dealt with him differently in Troch. But what Lenka went through is specific after all. It "happened" to her during maternity leave, or parental leave, when three children came into her life in a short time. A minimum of sleep, an endless cycle of breastfeeding, changing diapers, putting to sleep... And on top of that, a huge desire to be a perfect mother. Result: insomnia, irritability, pain in the whole body. Today, Lenka is from the worst outside and helps other mothers through her experience as a coach and mentor. We are sure that this topic will be useful for ����many of you.


Helena Jurasova


We will probably repeat ourselves, but in order to know how to live fully, you don't need to read thick motivational books. Just look around. For example, also to people like Mrs. Helena Jurasova. The fresh ninety-year-old belongs to the legends of Slovak folklore. In 1968, she founded the children's folklore ensemble Vienok and continues its trainings to this day! In addition to a huge dose of inspiration, you can also look forward to an answer to the important question of how to naturally cultivate a relationship with traditional culture in children.

Musical guest: Vienok Children's Folk Ensemble