Well, we didn't have this here yet!
Film music not only with an orchestra, as we are always and everywhere used to, but this time exceptionally also with a live choir!
This is simply worth experiencing.

The Bratislava women's chamber choir "Les Sirènes", translated as "Sirens", already well known to many music lovers, is coming up with a new musical dramaturgy. After very successful classical, jazz, pop and musical concerts, choir master and conductor Lukáš Kunst decided to bring something new to his choir repertoire and thus surprise not only regular fans, but also appeal to a wider range of listeners and offer them a wonderful musical and artistic experience.

This major film music concert is for all ages and will be an excellent event for the whole family. The music selection is based on the greatest film hits, which each of you surely knows, and can be found in them. The memories that will come to you during individual songs will take you back to the times of your childhood, maybe your youth, maybe they will evoke your pleasant feelings associated with individual films.