The British jazzfunk group Level 42 is coming to Slovakia on May 11.

The group was formed in 1980. Initially, it focused on fusion, influenced by the music of Stanley Clarke. However, the leader, bass guitarist Mark King, started singing and the group began to have commercial ambitions, which was never excluded with progressiveness and originality.

She worked her way up to her own original hits, which recorded significant success in the UK charts. At the same time, however, she maintained her instrumentalist sovereignty and even virtuosity. In 1994, after the release of the Forever Now album, Level 42 ceased to exist until 2002. With its comeback, the group proved that it is still a great concert attraction and its songs have not aged.

Mark King contributed to the development of the bass guitar with a brilliantly mastered wave technique. As a singer, he has an interestingly muffled, musician's voice. Level 42 is characterized by machine-precise funk rhythms, which are strangely and excitingly combined with interestingly constructed, fragmented melodies.