The brilliant dancer Michael Flatley created his dance group Lord of the Dance, based on traditional Irish dance, in 1996. Already the first performance on July 27 last year in Dublin demolished all previously experienced ideas about dance shows. This was followed by a total of 21 sold-out shows at London's Wembley and a worldwide tour.

"Everyone will tell you no, you can't do this!" "Every time I hear something like that, I know that success is already at my fingertips. "

The dance show Lord of The Dance has become a dance phenomenon and the most visited dance show ever. For years, Michael Flatley - even though he did not actively perform himself later - supervised very strictly the quality of stage processing, choreography and the selection of the dancers themselves. Now, for the 25th anniversary, the ageless Flatley is preparing a new show. Its form is a secret for now, but even so, the Slovak Republic was one of the first countries to get a date for 2021 for loyal fans.