David Koller, Robert Kodym, P.B.Ch. and Michal Dvořák unanimously say: "The past period was very difficult for everyone. But among other things, 2020 showed us that it simply cannot be done without culture. As if we are missing a piece of our soul, the possibility of self-expression, freedom, and not only the artistic one, which we should unconditionally protect. We are all the more looking forward to returning to the stage in 2021 and once again experiencing with our fans the tremendous energy that arises during a live performance. That is an experience that cannot be replaced by anything..." The members of the Lucie group agree that one of the biggest and most demanding innovations was the preparation of the organically dynamic scene itself, which uses the latest technologies in the field of sound and visual effects as well as proven theater principles: " We have been working on the scene that we want to present to the fans for almost a year. The work was difficult but beautiful and we believe it will be worth it. It's a special project for us, that's why we want our fans to have an exceptional experience from it as well", emphasize the members of the group.