A bitter comedy about people from the house next to the highway

The current family of the Hrdličkovs in Štepka's new bitter comedy Madonna with Child is, I guess, a family like any other in our country: there are many nice things in its life, but also some that are not so nice, in a word, it is a normal family, as if one of many. The Hrdliček family live in a house not far from the highway, so the sound of cars often reaches them. The Hrdlička couple don't even have an ideal life for each other, rather the opposite, but they have two adult beautiful daughters and, moreover, a funny, at first glance deaf grandfather Karol, the father of Kamil Hrdlička, who lives his life with a dog and happy memories in the nearby summer kitchen. Grandfather Karol has a long-standing and futile dispute with the county, which owes him money for expropriated land under the highway, and the beautiful daughters of the landlord Kamil Hrdlička are the focus of men's interest.
During the family celebration of Kamil Hrdlička's fiftieth birthday, a strange situation occurs: Mr. Hrdlička's daughters Pavel and Šarlot unexpectedly renounce their family inheritance in front of their parents for only one reason: both unexpectedly desire to inherit only one thing in the house - a painting that has been hanging on the wall of the Hrdlička family for years - Madonna and Child by Mikuláš Galanda, the founder of Slovak modern art.
Both adamant daughters suddenly want to own Madonna, so the dispute looks like a big family disaster from the first moment. However, the author wants us to observe the heated characters and human relationships with the typical poetic lens of pleasure-seekers and with humor, and at the same time intimately invites the audience to explore with humor and irony not only the varied family conditions and relationships, but also perhaps to look for some kind of solution to the deadlock that has arisen. All this, of course, - as we are used to in the entertainment industry - in the presence of irony, humor and melodious songs.

You can relax with culture in the Radošinsk Naive Theater, only a 3-minute walk from our hotel.

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