In the Men's Ward, the author, with his typical humorous perspective, presents us with the varied destinies of a group of patients in a contemporary hospital, this time in the men's ward. We will follow the authentic and down-to-earth life stories of a league football player, a strange and cheerful master repairman, a former head waiter and his waitress wife, a bitter story of a government minister, but also a doctor and a quirky nurse in the men's ward of a state hospital. Variedly interwoven destinies with bitter, but also - since we are in RND - mainly humorous situations and stories, which, however, ultimately report more about hurt souls than bodies.

In the production of the Male Department, the audience will surely recognize all the typical hallmarks of the author and poetics of the Radošinské naive theater, famous actors (Maruška Nedomová, Stanislav Štepka, etc.), but above all typical humor, the smell of humanity and poetic songs, this time in the interpretation of the so-called stage hospital Red Noses.

You can relax with culture in the Radošinsk Naive Theater, only a 3-minute walk from our hotel.