Play on my heart!
the musical story of an immortal bohemian like you've never heard it before

The true story comes to life with beautiful music and excellent drama performances directed by Karol Vosátek.

The greatest hits performed by Karol Csin and Martin Gyimesi as the Earth Remembers, In the Slovak Valleys, Sorrow of Beautiful Girls, Čardáš two hearts, Song about December, Play on my heart, I feel, I like to dance with you, Elena, I play I play, Primaš's heart, Girl from Budmericé, I like you, I like people, He went, he went, With a smile and....we'll keep that as a surprise.

Experience Karol Duchoň from winning to losing. From his greatest glory to his precipitous fall. The story captures the life path of this man, from a carefree youth through a bohemian life to a tragic and sad end. It leaves the question in the background whether it was not possible to "save" this legend, whether we value real talents and personalities enough. Can we perceive the silent cry of a seemingly successful, immediate person who loves life. Whether behind its lightness we can recognize fear and the need for ordinary help. This story will not only be a mapping of the achievements of an outstanding artist in the form of his greatest hits, but especially the need to perceive the other "I", namely the life of an ordinary person. We will allow the audience to enter the soul of this great man of ours to the peak of his intimacy, to uncover the glitter of show business, ups and downs, successes and failures. But behind all that, we have to show his desire to never give up and feel the full flavor of life. Because as they say... "To live is the art of living".


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