"The story of living wood" - this is the subtitle given by Stanislav Štepka to an unusual stage dramatic story about man and nature in the poetic comedy Pán Strom. Namely, on the stage, he will colorfully tell the audience his life story and an extremely engaging story - otherwise, at first glance, a silent hundred-year-old tree - beech. He will talk engagingly about everything ordinary and extraordinary, happy and sad, poetic and tragic, but above all human, what happened on it, under it and with it during the previous hundred years.

Not only the tree and people around (village family, firemen, hunters, suicide, Jewish girl, etc.), but also swallows, swallows, deer, woodpeckers, owl, fox, badger, nightingales, wolf, hare, etc.), in a word everything extremely alive. And I guess everyone who wants to give their report about the colorful, multifaceted, but also intelligent and inscrutable life in the forest. At the same time as the attractive life story of the tree and the forest, we also indirectly observe the centuries-old colorful events of people and society, and we come or indirectly come to the knowledge that trees, nature, flora and fauna form a humanitarian unity and live with people in an inseparable community in which we must learn together live and respect each other.

Stanislav Štepka's unusual, poetic play offers many unexpected and surprising humorous situations and indirectly also leads to a moral appeal.