There are those who long for an idyllic life in the village in the city (many villagers have a similar desire for the city). To live in a village where there is good air, a healthy environment and eloquent, intimate interpersonal, really neighborly relations. This is also what the urban Bečkovci think, who move into their dream typical village house, where together with their neighbors from different and opposing social strata, they want to live a rural idyllic life differently and anew.
It's going well until suddenly, at four o'clock in the morning, a rooster crows loudly behind the house and yard next door, singing so loudly that it keeps the neighbors awake. Suddenly the idyll is over, everyday harsh reality begins. You have to get used to quirky neighbors and rooster crowing.

You can relax with culture and find out how this situation will eventually develop in the Radošinské naivné divadlo, only 3 minutes' walk from our hotel.

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