The Aristocrats are headed to Bratislava's Majestic Music Club, where they will perform on November 5, 2023 as part of The Defrost Tour.

Guthrie Govan aka "Professor Shred", guitarist of the year 1993 according to the prestigious magazine Guitarist and former member of the group Asia after 2010 intensifies his activity - the trio The Aristocrats is formed. In it, he meets Bryan Beller, the bassist, and Marc Minnemann, the drummer. The band came together during a performance at the NAMM show, where Govan stepped in for original player Greg Howe. The trio had only one rehearsal before the concert, and as Govan recalls, the chemistry between them was so great that they immediately said they would try it together. After the fair, the band met in Chicago, where the debut album was created in less than two weeks. Bassist Beller stated that they wrote each other's body songs, which the other took on. Regarding Minnemann's composition, they both had a lot to do in order to keep up with him.