The industrial metal genius, frontman and voice of the band Rammstein, three-time winner of the "ECHO Award", will perform with his band in Bratislava for the first time at a solo concert as part of the European tour 2022 "ICH HASSE KINDER".

Till LINDEMANN is not only a talented musician, TILL is a phenomenon, his concerts are impressive like a volcanic eruption, when you are in the epicenter and at the same time sing with maximum power "Steh Auf !!" TILL LINDEMANN has millions of fans all over the world, he has incredible charisma, art and sometimes frightening energy and vocal power. In "Ich Hasse Kinder" you will see and hear what TILL LINDEMANN is famous for all over the world, more metal, old and new songs, more videos, special effects and you will feel the incredible energy of one of the best rock frontmen.