And it's here!

It is announced that you will be able to experience the Traktor band in Slovakia as well! You can listen to all the hits of this legendary Czech hard and heavy band at the Topfet 4 You event, which we prepared especially for you! Traktor will unpack it in five Slovak cities together with the Žilina band Mad Frequency.

The Czech band Traktor has been on the music scene for more than 22 years. They perform at various music events, mainly at festivals, and in 2021 there was also the Monster Meeting mega show, where they were headliners together with the band Dymytry.

The last album Sedmá strana kostky brought many songs that have a hit character. Whether it's Lucid, Testament, Stones, We or Beautiful New World.

And you will have one more task. Because we care that you enjoy the entertainment 100%, you yourself will vote for the next guests that the Traktor group will take on the Slovakian tour! The tones of your favorite bands will be heard in every city.