Winter Uprising is back! We are used to celebrating the end of summer at Uprising, this time we will also celebrate the end of winter. Uprising Winter Edition in Edison Park will be on Friday 17.3. March. Lineup: Dub Inc, Medial Banana and Meowlau x Val.

Dub Inc is one of the most sought-after bands from all years of the Uprising. They sing in French, English and Arabic, mixing reggae, dancehall, dub, ska and hiphop with influences from Arabic and African music.

In France, they have been the absolute top in their genre for many years, selling out concerts and rightfully occupying headline positions at major reggae festivals. Their performances are full of positive energy, the group communicates well with the fans and does not leave a single spectator unmoved. Without a doubt, Dub Inc is the type of band that no one sees once.