Alvaro Soler, Spanish-German singer and darling not only female audience, will perform in Slovakia! A great latino show with all the hits and accompanied by a live band will detonate on 27.05.2022 in Bratislava's Axa Arena NTC. Tickets are sold exclusively with us!

Soler has devoted himself to music since his early years. His first experience was in the band Urban Lights, which he founded with his brother and friends. Later, however, he decided on his own career and success did not wait long. Already in 2015 he fired with the song El Mismo Sol, which immediately became a hit in several European countries, and later came the version of Jennifer Lopez. By the time he came up with the megahit Sofia a year later, the whole world was already at his feet. Third time well. So in 2018, La Cintura is coming and the likeable Alvaro has us in his hand again. His work is not only hits, but also romantic ballads. Alive, Alvaro Soler is an extremely funny, likable companion and shows his immediacy at live concerts.
Alvaro Soler grew up internationally. He was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain to his father, German, and has a Spanish-Belgian origin. He spent ten years of his life in Japan with his family to finally settle in Berlin. He currently lives alternately in Germany and Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Italian and Japanese. His performance on 29 May 2020 will be the official Slovak concert premiere.