Automobiles full of new technologies and innovative design, the most anticipated news and a splendid car show – AUTOSALON in Incheba, Bratislava has no competition in Central Europe! A presentation of models of all kinds – from small city cars, off-roads, SUVs, to sports and luxury pieces in exclusive exhibition stands make AUTOSALON an exceptional car event that you must not miss. The accompanying program for the whole family – test drives, children’s Mini AUTOSALON and crazy attractions, street food zone or free make-up and beauty corner for ladies – are just the icing on the cake.


All lovers of long journeys and relaxation on four wheels will surely enjoy a great exhibition of caravans which includes not only luxury pieces but also more affordable and practical vehicles.


Cars you don’t normally meet on our roads. The strongest engines, luxury, impressive design. Enjoy them at the exhibition EXCLUSIVE SALON, which accompanies AUTOSALON and features the best of the world of automobiles.

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