On 25.06.2022, the first open air tribute concert ROCK LEGENDS will take place in NTC in Bratislava, Slovakia. Great tribute rock concerts have been held in Europe for many years and finally the first tribute rock music concert will be held in Slovakia.

SHOW SLOVAKIA will bring to Slovakia all fans of quality rock music an unforgettable, spectacular show. Everything will be for the first time and it will be great.

- for the first time in Slovakia, a tribute to rock music will be held.

- for the first time, because of the ROCK LEGENDS open-air tribute, the NTC roof will open so that thousands of rock music fans feel happy in the open air.

- viewers will see for the first time five full-fledged performances of the top five tribute groups from the UK and the US.

The concert includes:

1. Not The Rolling Stones (UK) - The Rolling Stones tribute.

2. AC / DC UK - AC / DC tribute.

3. Guns or Roses (UK) - Guns N 'Roses tribute.

4. Bon Giovi (UK) - Bon Jovi tribute.

5. Help! and the Beatles (USA / SLO) - Beatles tribute.

Stalls with various snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. The NTC gates will open for spectators at 11:30 am, the concert will run until 9:30 pm. The concert will be moderated by Radio Antenna Rock. Between the performances of the groups there will be a draw of valuable prizes. 

NTC capacity is limited, so a limited number of tickets are sold. The ticket is valid all day. Upon entering the NTC, each viewer will receive a personal confirmation of their presence, allowing them to leave the NTC and return if necessary. Any own drinks and meals at the venue are prohibited. In bad weather the organizer reserves the right to close the roof of the NTC. The weather will not affect the work of stalls and concert.

A dance floor and grandstand B will be available for all spectators. Here, viewers can relax and consume food and drinks. Seats and standing will also be prepared. All this is included in the ticket price.

Five memorable performances of the best tribute rock groups of our time in one day! It will be great, do not miss!