Let's Relax!


2 hours of private relax

Each visitor will receive hotel bathrobe, towel, blanket, flip flops, area for comfortable dressing up before and after use of the Relax centre. Hotel guests can go straight lift from the floor to the Relax centre.

Relax center is opened NON-STOP.

Between 2-hour entrances to the Relax centre, is for our staff one hour to complete preparation for the next input (to clean rooms, saunas, relaxation bath tube, the preparation of the clean towels..) needed.

Price list

There is nothing better than little relax after heavy day. 2 hours of private relax with a bowl of fruit on ice is highly recommended.

Romantic atmosphere in the private relax centre is very nice and chilling, enhanced by esoteric music, candles, interesting scents and more.

You can also order Fruit on the ice, Home made soft drinks, Desserts.

Private Relax center is located on the ground floor of the hotel and allows you to use:

  • Turkish (steam) sauna
  • Finnish (dry) sauna
  • Whirlpool wit 43 jets, LED light and bluetooth for your own music
  • Relaxation room